Finsam Isanlegg for Brixham

25 years ago Finsam of Norway built an automatic containerized ice plant in Brixham in the south of England. Last year the owner Brixham Trawler Agents Ltd. decided to replace the old ice plant with a new one. Finsam now being merged into Frionordica got the contract to deliver a similar plant but with a little smaller capacity and with the latest available technology. The plate ice being delivered from the old plant has proven to be the best ice for the fishing fleet in the area and the end user wanted the same type of ice from the new plant. In January the new ice plant was shipped over from Norway in 3 x 40 ft. ISO containers and is now installed at the same location in Brixham. The 3 container modules have all been and pre-assembled for the plant and they arrived ready to be stacked on the pier. Two containers are modified reefer containers and are used as ice storage. The roof of the bottom container and the floor of the next container have been removed, and inside the containers there is an ice rake system to extract the ice from the storage and into the conveyor system. The ice storage capacity is 60 tons. The top container contains all the ice production machinery and control system. The Finsam plate ice machine has a capacity of 30 tons/ day and is a connected to a screw compressor unit with a titanium shell and tube seawater cooled condenser. All the ammonia piping was completed in the Frionordica factory so the assembly of the plant including the conveyors, stairs and platforms was done in less than a week. The new ice plant is built to very high specifications to meet new requirements in the food industry. All the refrigeration piping inside the icemaker is made of stainless steel and basically everything in contact with water and ice is made of non- corrosive materials.