Finsam Ice Plants: well-proven technology, unbeatable benefits

  • Easy to transport
  • Large cooling capacity
  • Rapid cooling
  • Keeps fish surfaces clean and humid

The containerised ice plant can provide automatic delivery to boats, trucks/bins and with ice slurry production. Finsam ice plants are based on the well-proven ice rake concept delivered to fishing ports and factories all over the world.

Finsam Auto Ice System

  • Self service ice delivery with card system
  • Customer database with records of delivered ice
  •  Interphase option for data exchange to administrative systems
  • The control system for automatic ice plants features touch display and remote control via the internet


Finsam Plate ice:

ICE - The Perfect Cooling Medium for fish

Clear and clean

  • Moderate subcooling; produced ice is slightly sub-cooled but wet on one side
  • Wet and dry-wet for instant cooling, dry for long-term storage and hot climates
  • Versatile - produces ice of adjustable thickness and crushing grades, well adapted to any of the cooling purposes where ice is used
  • Less damage - flat and parallel surfaces without sharp edges mean no ice damage to goods being cooled
  • Larger cooling capacity per unit volume
  • Free flowing, making it easy to handle
  • Solid frozen, making it water and air free
  • Easy to convert to pumpable slurry ice

Ice machines


Finsam VIP models for ammonia and Freon with capacities up to 35 tonnes/ 24hrs

Plate ice machines, 90 tonnes/day


Direct loading to boats

Ice slurry plant

Slurry Is

Ice slurry blender tank


  • Ice slurry made from crushed, plate or flake ice
  • Ice stored in dry condition
  • High slurry production capacity
  • Large slurry storage tank not required
  • Ice slurry and conventional ice available from the same plant
  • Possible to control the salinity



Finsam HP 4 and HP 10


Flow-ice units

  • Rapid decrease of fish temperature
  • Very soft and gentle to the fish
  • Pumpable and easy to distribute in pipe systems
  • No fresh water required
  • Very compact design
  • -10°C evaporation temperature gives low power consumption
  • Designed for on-board installation
  • High capacity models available for pump circulated ammonia
  • Can be combined with RSW units.
  • Complete flow-ice plants including pumps, controls and storage systems
  • Flow-ice racks with 2-12 ice generators for connection to remote refrigeration systems
  • Ice generators as an o.e.m. product for other ice machine manufacturers