Aquaterm RSW systems are high quality systems based on the best available materials for seawater service. This new generation of space saving RSW plants is based on modern technology, offering improved efficiency. Cooling capacities range from 100-1200kW (= 1,000,000kcal/h). All units can be offered as factory assembled and skid mounted units (saving installation time and errors). The dominant refrigerant is ammonia, but small plants and special designs can be made for Freon.


  • Reduced size – space saving installations
  • Improved performance at high temperatures – shorter pull-down time
  • 80% reduction of the refrigerant charge
  • Reduced freezing risk – the tubes are not submerged in liquid refrigerant if the pump stops
  • Erosion proof design allows water velocities of more than 3m/s to reduce fouling




RSW units

Spray chillers

This is new technology for chillers
and is also called a ‘thin film
evaporation’ heat exchanger.
The outside surfaces of the tubes
are sprayed with liquid refrigerant,
forming a thin and turbulent film,
giving efficient heat transfer.
The heat transfer rate is improved
many times compared to the
traditional shell and tube chillers.


Titanium heat exchangers

All the heat exchangers have pure
titanium tubes and tube plates.
The joints between tubes and tube
plates are expanded and welded
and the water heads are PE-plastic.
This combination of titanium and
plastic is 100% corrosion and leak
proof, delivered with a 10 year



Proper lubrication is an important
factor for reducing maintenance
costs. Our three-step oil separator
with coalescing filter reduces
oil carry-over to less than 5ppm
(5kg/1000h). A seawater-cooled oil
cooler is standard and is made
from titanium, as is the condenser
and chiller.