Aquaterm heat pumps are used for heating and chilling purposes in fish farming, e.g. brood-stock, fish eggs, smolts, live chilling, bleed-out and processing. Typical species are salmon, trout, cod and halibut. The heat pump is often combined with an effluent heat exchanger to achieve a high performance in relation to power input. The heat pumps are similar to the RSW plants, but with a few different material combinations. For freshwater applications the heat exchangers are made from stainless steel AISI 316 and for seawater applications we use titanium.

FrioLogica Control

FrioLogica Control is an electronic PLC based monitoring and control device for compressor and connected processes, with easy to operate touch display and on-line information on relevant conditions, e.g. pressures, temperatures, flow, running hours, % capacity, safety controls and alarm history. The system can communicate via the internet and to central control systems.

Heat Pump arrangement


​Salmon hatchery in chile